About SiaPlugins

Learn about this site and it's creators.


SiaPlugins.com is a project that was started by RBZL and Danger, community members and contributors to the Sia project.

RBZL: I've been aware of crypto for some time, but not seriously so until around the summer of 2017. I came across the Sia project and found it interesting because it had a practical use and the coin was secondary to the rest of the project. I feel that the crypto space is a bit of a mess right now due to the many useless projects with fancy whitepapers and millions of dollars raised, but no useful product to come out of it all.

I have a Software Development background and also run SiaSetup.info, a site intended to be a centralized resource for learning about Sia and getting started with it (if SiaPlugins looks a little familar, that's why... 😉). I also have other ambitions to develop on/around Sia - in dicussing this with Danger, we learned that we have similar ideas in some areas, including the desire to build a cross-platform Sia guide/troubleshooter that can be downloaded and automated with certain tasks. I've been aware of the plugin system built into the Sia-UI for some time, though I'd never utilized it, and it seemed like a perfect method to integrate such a project directly into Sia where people will use it.

Our first plugin projects here are fairly basic and just testing the waters of plugin development for the Sia-UI, but we have bigger plans to release larger and more useful plugins in the future. We see plugin development as a good use of our free time and a way to contribute to the community. Hopefully you find our work useful!

Danger: I heard about crypto a few years ago but didn’t really care to read more about it. Then I heard about it again in June 2017 and finally gave it a few minutes to find out more... my mind got blown, totally. It consumed me and I started looking for solid and truly decentralized projects with a working product. That’s when I found out about Sia.

Initially I didn’t know much about Sia, just the basic idea - but I kept learning more and eventually started sharing the knowledge with others and helping with various stuff, including troubleshooting. In order to help more people with less effort, I began to work on a multi-platform app that would feature various guides and easy editing of content via Google Sheets by multiple contributors. Then I presented it to RBZL, author of SiaSetup.info who had a similar idea, and suddenly it stroked our minds - why don’t we make it as a Plugin for Sia-UI directly? The Sia team added support for plugins way before we even knew about Sia, and yet our plugins seem to be the first.

What do I expect from this project? I hope this will open the eyes of other developers, more plugins will come to life, and together we help Sia users become better educated, make it an easier and more comfortable experience for them, and finally, to also give them an incentive to run a full node for further support of the Sia network.


Siacoin donations are graciously accepted at a2e1c61e820fa5e025a9e81a7ca632cb2425d9d7308d7c1425e44ed74fc7e2c3f3bad58f7e1c if you find our plugins useful.


For now, find us on the Sia Discord as @RBZL and @Danger.